Cheese Lovers Dream

Love cheese? Lots of cheese of all different makes and flavours? Try one of our ‘cheese stacks’ or cheese boards. We pride ourselves on using welsh cheese of which there are many from Snowdonia Black Bomber an excellent mature cheddar through to Perl Las a beautiful blue made in Caerphilly, Camarthenshire. Add in some crackers, salty butter and chutneys and you guests will be partaking in a cheese tipple all evening.



We’ve seen hundreds over the years and you know what? They never fail to impress! From small ‘three wheelers’ through to huge seven tiered affairs, traditional British cheeses to French delights….there is just one rule…make sure to choose a good, solid plain cheddar. The rest? It’s up to you. Living and breathing in beautiful Wales we prefer to keep things local so it’s Welsh cheeses all the way for us. The amount of wheels comes down to guest number so get in touch and we’ll give you advise. The cheese stacks are presented on either our Gothic style Cakestand or a more traditional wooden round slab, dressed with grapes and other seasonal fruit and veg and served with baskets of bread and crackers. Our 4 tiered Welsh cheese combo feeds 150 comfortably and costs £350. Makes a great alternative to a wedding cake too!

Our chef ‘dressing’ a recent stack

Let our staff bring cheeseboards to your table. Four Welsh cheeses, presented on Oak platters with chutney, butter and crackers, grapes and fresh fruit. Graze away till your hearts content. Includes 6″ earthenware plates and a wooden handled knife per person. Each board serves 6 comfortably and prices start from £9.50.


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