Cawl & Cob

Rich Welsh beef stew

Homestyle cooking done well really is the best food. Our ‘Cawl and Cob’ ticks all the boxes. Slow oven cooked beef or Welsh Lamb stew, combined with root veggies such as carrots, onions and swede all coming together in a rich meat gravy. This dish is served buffet style in our range of beautiful earthenware bowls. Guests can choose from either stew which is served alongside our range of fresh, crusty loaves, salted butter and to finish off picked red cabbage and beetroot. Available from 20-600 guests. Prices start from £6.00 per head. A simple dish. Yet so good.


Add in some skin on roasties with rosemary for an extra £1.00 per head.
Fancy something sweet to end? Then take a look at our Pilgrims Puddings to finish of the feast.

Root veggies
Root veggies used in our stews
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