Cream cakes with British Strawberries

Home made cream puffs….didn’t last long!
Strawberry cream puffs
Homemade Strawberry cream puffs

So lucky with the weather on Sunday for our Hog Roast in Cheshire. A few showers didn’t spoil the fun and we had plenty of rain cover in the form of gazebos so all was well. James the chef added a trio of cream puffs for desserts….150 in total…100 guests and not one left by 5pm! Think we’ll take that as a successful trial!
In them? Well firstly a proper classic of fresh British Strawberries, Chantilly cream and icing on the top. Second flavor was a lemon curd, fresh cream with a tangy lemon icing sugar topping. Final choice? My fave…Black forest gateaux flavor with fresh black cherries and flaked almonds.
Which was the best? Was a really close call but the Strawberries were victorious…but only just!
These beauties will definitely be making an appearance to our 2018 dessert menu’s. The British soft fruit season maybe short, but when mother nature decides to give us a good crop in June/July you really can’t beat it!

Up and running…or getting there anyway

Since we started the catering element in 2010 we’ve been pretty slow in getting it it’s own proper website…but, thankfully here we are….and better than that, we’ve done it all in house! Anyway, yes, we’re happy with it at the moment but as with a good red wine it’ll only improve with age. So yes, officially live…yippppeee!!!