Catering crew and kitchen and other random stuff

So, we have head chef James…aka Jim. He’s done time in the kitchen, split shifts, weekend and all Christmases, Mothers day and bank holidays. Left Wales, trained in Kent, spent time in London Kitchens, up to his birth city of Liverpool then full circle back to North Wales. Burger vans to Michelin starred restaurants. But too many unsociable hours made him hang up his apron….but we persuaded him back….on the promise its not every Saturday night or Christmas eve.

Jill…aka the boss. Spent years on events with her other company sampling some pretty poor version of hog roasts….then decided to expand her Medieval Event company to incorporate the catering element. Because, in a nutshell she LOVES food and HATES a badly done Hog roast!

The rest is made up of Jean, Trish, Bedwyn, Ioan and Linda. They all have their own favourite dish or pet hates but in a nutshell they all like decent, well presented grub.

Jill and James at a recent ‘Medieval Banquet’

It’s tiny…or rather compact and bijou. And we’re very proud to say we’ve been awarded our 5 stars ‘scores on the doors’ again in May 2017. Most of our cooking is done on site in roasters and we’ve plenty of outside storage space so who needs a huge kitchen?

Outside service

As we serve most of our menus buffet style or on serving platters we need little to no ‘prep’ kitchen onsite for your event. We’re pretty self sufficient and can rock up to an empty field and feed you all. Our catering tents are black pop up gazebos and we bring all the kit we need with us…including water and hand wash facilities. All our roasters and cookers are on gas so we don’t need to zap your electricity supply either. The only thing we need is power for our LED lights of its going to be dark during service. No power on site? No problem! For a small charge we’ll bring our generator.

Tents setup for a hog roast
Reduce, reuse, recycle

A huge one for us and a subject very close to our hearts. The disposable world of the catering industry! We HATE it! So no sorry we don’t do paper plates and plastic forks, nor do we just bin everything. It’s paper napkins or a proper plate for us..oh, yes and a proper knife and fork. If we need to use disposable then it’s wooden knives and forks. All food waste is food caddied in compostable bags, tins are washed, plastic and cardboard split and it all goes through the proper channels of recycling. Why? Well it saves the planet or as Jill says the ‘turtles’ and secondly its far cheaper as a business to recycle than send to landfill….which means we can pass the savings onto you 🙂

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